Serving those whose pets are a very special member of the family.
3420 C Street NE #306
Auburn, WA 98002
Phone (253) 929-8495
Precious Pets Animal Crematory is here to help improve our environment by putting a stop to the use of landfills and rendering plants as an acceptable option of disposing of our loved ones.
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     Precious Pets Animal Crematory is located in Auburn, Washington. We are open to the public and welcome your visit. The reception area is a very comfortable, tranquil setting where our staff can assist you in determining what service is most appropriate for your precious pet's final farewell.
     There is a large selection of urns and memorial items for you to choose from. The memorial items range from Clay Paw Prints, Custom Necklaces, Blown Glass Art and many more.
     The grieving room is a peaceful and private room where families can spend some time saying their final goodbyes.