Serving those whose pets are a very special member of the family.
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Precious Pets Animal Crematory is here to help improve our environment by putting a stop to the use of landfills and rendering plants as an acceptable option of disposing of our loved ones.
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is the process of cremating one pet by itself. The pet is gently placed in the crematory chamber and cremated alone. The cremains are then processed and placed into a complimentary scattering urn or an urn that you have purchased from our selection. We also issue a personalized "Certificate of Cremation".
is the process of cremating more than one pet at the same time. They are separated by fire-proof brick. Each pet's location in the crematory chamber is documented and pets are collected individually. Each pet's individual cremains are then processed and placed into a complimentary scattering urn or an urn that you have purchased from our selection. We also issue a personalized "Certificate of Cremation".
is the process when several pets are cremated at one time with no separation. This process does allow for co-mingling of cremains. There are no cremains or "Certificate of Cremation" returned to the owner.
In appreciation of their services to the community,
Precious Pets Animal Crematory provides all Police, Fire and Search & Rescue
animals complimentary cremation services.
Should a pet owner wish to be present at their pet's Private Cremation, we can make arrangements for a final, private viewing at our facility. Pet owners can see as much or as little as they choose, and our caring staff is nearby should they need support or assistance. All family members are welcome to attend a "Witnessed Cremation" including your other family pets. Witnessed Cremations require an appointment and additional charges apply.
          In order to ensure that the cremains you receive back are those of your beloved pet, each Private and Individually cremated pet is issued a unique metal identification disc at the time it is received. Your pet's identification disc remains with him/her throughout the entire cremation process and is packaged along with their cremains. This is the same process that is required by law in the cremation of humans. We understand that your pet is a very special member of your family and we will treat them that way through ever step of their aftercare.
Specialty Services
24 Hour Service Available @ (253)-929-8495
"EXHUMATION"- A member of our staff will exhume your pet, backfill the grave and deliver them to our facility for cremation.
"HOME/VET PICK-UP"- If your pet should pass away at home and you wish to have their remains picked up and transported for cremation, Precious Pets will arrange to have one of our caring staff pick up your deceased pet's remains at your home or your Veterinarian's Office and transport them to the our crematory for cremation. (Charges may apply)
"GRIEVING ROOM"- For the comfort of our pet parents, we have a peaceful grieving room for those wishing to have last moments with their precious pets or to remain present during the cremation of their beloved pet.
"PRE-PLANNING PROGRAM"- As your beloved pet ages, or upon learning of a terminal illness, you may choose to plan for cremation arrangements in advance of the actual need. We offer pre-planning services so you are spared the burden of stressful and emotional decisions during a difficult time. You gain the peace of mind knowing your wishes will be fulfilled according to your pre-planning arrangements and avoid stressful financial decisions at the time of your pet's passing. Feel free to request our Authorization Form by email. This can be given to your veterinarian so that they are aware of your wish to use our services.
"TEMPORARY STORAGE"- If you need time to think about your options or if a family member is out of town and you want to wait for their return, we can store your pet for you for a short time until arrangements are ready to be made.