Serving those whose pets are a very special member of the family.
3420 C Street NE #306
Auburn, WA 98002
Phone (253) 929-8495
Precious Pets Animal Crematory is here to help improve our environment by putting a stop to the use of landfills and rendering plants as an acceptable option of disposing of our loved ones.
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Wood Urns
Cherry Finish Box Urn
Natural Finish Box Urn
Cherry Finish
Photo Box Urn
Natural Finish
Photo Box Urn
Wooden Box Urns w/Custom Engraving
(Oak, Walnut, Maple or Cherry)
Ceramic Urns
Many unique styles to choose from.
Metal Urns
Silver w/Gold Paw Prints
Raku w/Copper Paw Prints
Calico Cat Series
Gold w/Paw Prints
Pewter/Metallic Box
Custom Made Jewelry
Click on a Pendant for more details.
Stardust Collection
Memorials Markers
Memorial Clay
Paw Print
This clay impression will show each and every little detail of your beloved pet's paw for you to have and cherish forever.
Cremation Jewelry
Laser Photo Engraved Pendants
Most Necklaces Available in Silver or Gold
Please take a look below at some of the items that we have available.
     Please feel free to give us a call with any questions or stop by our facility to view these items in person and see all of the other items that we have to offer.