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Precious Pets Animal Crematory is here to help improve our environment by putting a stop to the use of landfills and rendering plants as an acceptable option of disposing of our loved ones.
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Below are the most frequently asked questions we receive. Please call us if you have any other questions.
        Does Cremation cause pollution?
The equipment we use is top of the line and emits no odor or smoke and complies with all clean air standards. A tractor trailer running on the highway causes more pollution than our crematory.
        What is Cremation and why should I choose Cremation for my pet?
Cremation is a process whereby remains are consumed by heat and reduced to ash. The ashes are then processed and placed in an urn. Cremation is an option that allows you to handle your pet's remains as you wish, whether it be burying them, scattering them, or keeping them in a decorative urn. While your pet is at our facility, they are handled with the care and respect they deserve.
        How do I know that I am getting my own pet's ashes back if I do not choose a witnessed cremation?
Precious Pets uses an Identification Disc Tracking System. The numbered disc stays with your pet through the entire process and is returned in with his/her cremains and the number remains in our records and is shown on your Certificate of Cremation. This tracking system is in place as a good safeguard to prevent human error. Questioning a pet crematory's identification policy is important. Always remember that it is your pet and it is your right to ask questions and receive answers.
        May I inspect the facility where my pet's aftercare will be performed?
Yes, we welcome your visit and will gladly give you a tour and answer any of your questions. Precious Pets wants you to feel comfortable with us and the process of your pet's aftercare. If there is a pet crematory that will not allow you to come to their facility, we suggest you ask questions as to why not. It is your pet, your beloved family member and you have the right to know.
        Are you available to come to our home, night or day, to pick up our pet and is there an additional charge for this?
Our staff answers our phones and is available to serve you 24 hrs a day. Your beloved pet may be received from either your residence or veterinarian's office. We offer transportation from either your residence (additional charges will apply) or veterinarian's office as a courtesy (depending on location) or you may bring your pet directly to our facility. **After Hours charges may apply**
        Why is it necessary to make an appointment?
To be able to anticipate your needs and prevent any interruptions of final goodbyes, we ask that you call ahead to schedule an appointment. Every effort will be made to accomodate your schedule. We realize that emergencies arise and we will be at your service to handle them as needed. Thank you for understanding.
        What if I choose to just use my veterinarian's services?
If working directly with your veterinarian, we suggest that you ask for the telephone number for the facility that performs their cremation services. It is your right and responsibility to your beloved pet to question the integrity and practices of any crematory facility.
        How much does Cremation cost?
The cost of cremation depends upon your families wishes. The total price is reflected by the size of your pet as well as the cremation process chosen. There are also several styles of urns and other memorial items for you to select from.
        Can Precious Pets provide Cremation services for humans?
We are not licensed by Washington State to provide this service. We do recommend a locally owned family company named Personal Alternative Funeral Services. They have the same high level of care and compassion that we provide. They provide everything from low cost cremation to a traditional funeral with viewing and cemetery services.
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