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Precious Pets Animal Crematory is here to help improve our environment by putting a stop to the use of landfills and rendering plants as an acceptable option of disposing of our loved ones.
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Carrie,  Hey thank you again for your comforting support to myself , sis and mom in closure to my beloved lil dog Bennie. Bennie  I know  would want his remains near his dad and with my lil yard, cremation was the only option and I wanted to be assured I was getting his remains back and wanted to bring him to you myself not shipped in from a vet or big pet store trying to save a dollar. You provided the exact service I wanted and I left comfortable, at ease and felt my dog was taken care of like any family member canine or human. Feel free to  pass my email address to any client requesting references as I would be happy to put their minds at ease. Thanks so much for Bennies final closure. Fred Pribbernow - Issaquah, Wa   Bennie 1-1-2003 to 1-1-2011 
Thank you for taking care of Drago for us. We are very grateful for your services and adore the pawprint plaque. We will definitely be trusting you with the final care of our other pets when their time comes.
Bennie's Family
Drago's Family
Thank you very much for your kindness and caring after Riley's death. I really appreciate that your husband cared so much that he made a point to have the remains available to me before the weekend. It was very comforting to have Riley home. Thank you very much for making the process as gentle as possible. I came away with the feeling that you have a profound love and respect for our pets.
Riley's Family
I just want to express my gratitude to your company for the care and compassion you had while taking care of my Murphy.  I picked up his ashes today - the urn is absolutely beautiful and will soon find its way to a place in my home.  I also think the certificate of cremation is a wonderful thing - it just shows the professionalism of your company and that you take this process very serious.  The loss of my Murphy has been devestating but I so appreciate the work you have done to make this process a little easier.
Murphy's Family

We feel so fortunate to have found Precious Pets during our time of need.
The place is peaceful and the owners are truly compassionate and accommodating.  We chose to have a private cremation for our beloved cat with the "witnessing" option.  The grieving room is tranquil (candles, seating, place to say final goodbye) and has a window to view the process if you choose.  They were extremely professional and we will be eternally grateful for the comfort that they provided during one of the most difficult days of our lives.

From Michael S. (on Yelp)

We recently lost our canine companion of 17 years and the owners of Precious Pets could not have been more kind and compassionate! They waited late one evening for us to arrive, knowing we were upset and wanted a quiet resting place for our dog over the weekend until cremation could be performed.
Their prices are reasonable and less than my vet's offce. They also have a pet grieving/viewing room that is private and comforting. We highly recommend their services when tragedy strikes your little loved ones.

From Highland Park R. (on Yelp)
Thank you for your great service on New Year's Day with my beloved Cutter. I so appreciate your availability on the holiday, and allowing me to take care of him to the very end. It was so comforting to me and made his loss easier to bear, knowing I was with him every step of the way. He was a pretty special boy. Thank you and many blessings to you.
Cutter's Family
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